How to Create Beautiful Evergreen Wreaths for the Holidays

The desire to connect and create is more present than ever this holiday season, which is why we are collaborating with Mint Collective to bring you mini virtual workshops! Mint’s Carlsbad-based team of artisans recently stopped by our Carlyle model homes for our first tutorial: wreath making!

The moment Melissa from Mint Collective walked in the door with fragrant bundles of lush greenery, we knew something special was about to unfold.

We invite you to be a part of the experience and bring the magic of simple greenery into your home, too, so let’s dive right in!

Where can you display a wreath at home?

While the front door is always a great choice, one trend we’re spotting this year is wreaths on the back of counter bar stools. In our model home, we used beautiful silk ribbon to attach our wreaths to our bar stools, safely placing a pin at the seam where the back meets the chair.

You may also add a wreath to an end table, kitchen cabinet doors or windows, or place one on your mantel. 

What do you need to make a wreath?

You may use a variety of materials to create your wreath. As Melissa demonstrates, we used a premade wreath from a local craft store as our base. For the greenery, Mint sourced fresh greenery from a local flower company. You may also pick up what you need at a local farmers’ market, at a grocery store (Trader Joe’s usually has Eucalyptus) – or even grab what’s available in your own yard! 

We used Cedar, Pine, Eucalyptus and Magnolia leaves.

From your local craft store, you may also pick up craft wire, faux holly berries, artificial flowers and greenery if you’d like to go that route, and thick ribbon in the pattern and material of your choice.

How do you make a fresh wreath?

Mix materials, have fun, and be willing to move things around as you go! 

Start with a plain base, such as a wooden twig wreath, and weave in the greenery you have available. As Melissa demonstrates, weave the small branches into the base as you move around the wreath. Add berries, faux flowers or any other accents you desire, then add your ribbon and voila!

How can you use excess greenery?

If you have leftover greenery like we did, use it as filler, to make swag, or to assemble a gorgeous mini bouquet for a neighbor. 

To use greenery as filler, simply add a few sprigs to water-filled vases around your home. You may also add a bundle of greenery to a half-moon basket and hang it on your front door.

To create swag with your greenery, layer it, then tie it with a ribbon on one end. This can be hung upside-down on a door, window, mailbox or post.

Finally, make a simple bouquet and leave it on your neighbor’s door step. By wrapping greenery in a cone of butcher paper or tissue paper, then tying it with a ribbon, you’ll be left with a lovely, fragrant and oh-so-affordable little gift.

However you choose to add greenery to your home this holiday season – have fun and use it as an opportunity to express your creative side.

Happy holidays!

P.S. – We’re always open to ideas! Tell us – have you made a wreath before? If so, where do you like to display it?